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We have 2 slogans here at BudSimple.com.  1.  Medical Marijuana - Simply Positive + ™, 2.  Cannabis Is Good.  We believe in Cannabis, we advocate Cannabis and we support full legalization, world wide.  We support home grows as well as medical dispensaries. and the free market for safe and sane products created with or created for the public.  Corporations be dasmmed as we root for the little guy.  Cannabis is medicine, created on this Earth for Mankind to consume.  If you share our perspective then welcome!  If you don't, then I hopefully you will stick around long enough so we can change your mind.

All that visit this site are encouraged to explore the many areas of information available on the Internet to further your understanding of Cannabis, its uses and it's befits..  Everyone is different so strain types and consumption style is a personal choice.


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BudSimple.com features content about marijuana, as well as hemp and other cannabis related subject matter.  BudSimple.com site content includes information about cannabis cultivation, the use of marijuana, the medical uses for marijuana, and other topics that some viewers may find offensive.  All content at BudSimple.com is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes ONLY.

Cannabis Is Good