Rosin Presses



6" BusSimple's  "Medical Marijuana + Simply Positive" - vinyl stickers

RENT - Mike


1. - $35 a day - Press + Power cord .

2. - $45 a day - Press + 15 Rosin Bags+ Power cord.
3. - $90 - Weekend Pass - Press + 20 Rosin Bags + Power cord.


Rosin bags @ $1.00 - Bag of 15 @ $12.00 -  Bags of 30 @ $20.00

PARCHMENT PAPER -  $5.00 a Roll

RENT - Kerbi




Introducing Rosin One, Rosin Pres Rental from  We have avoided concentrates since their inception because of the solvents used to create the sticky goo.  We are not down with BHO or even CO2 methods of extraction.  Until now there really hasn't been a way to have vapeable resin made without the use of solvents.  Rosin Presses are a perfect way to extract Rosin without solvents.  These machines can be used to make oils like flack seed or almond oil or Rosin from Cannabis.  Buying a machine can be costly and that is why renting a machine is a great way to get started in this area of MMJ.

Perhaps you just want to try pressing somethng but don't want to drop the necessary means to aquire a press just to try it.  That is were renting comes in.  For a day or maybe a weekend?  Maybe longer.  It's possible you will find the type of press you would like to buy. can help with both.


If you would like to rent from us then text "Rosin One" to 480.313.9526 and we will help you get started.

We offer delivery and pickup services for $5 in the local Phoenix area.

Please see our rental agreement here RENTAL.

Must be 18 or or older.  Copy of ID required.  Copy of valid  Medical Marijuana card required.  We use Square for all of our credit card processing.



Video Instructions Can Be Seen Here:

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